About Us


We congratulate you for taking your first step towards a Institution that embodies , finesse, functionality and quality.

Our well known machines are a product of the highest quality components and assembled with the utmost care where strict adherence is allocated to the smallest detail.

It is imperative for us that you receive the best indigenous product available. Our vision is reflected in the highest standards encompassing the latest International standards.

Our motto of “Quality at affordable prices stems from the fact that the Turf maintenance segment today suffers from either inferior quality or exorbitant prices. This is a gap we intend to fill with a mission to produce the best machines available with the most economically viable resources.

We hope to keep your confidence through our continuously expending product lies ,advantage of collective buying power, effective control systems and economical rates together with prompt service. We at the house of “M and M “ believe in working harder to ensure a better Golfing surface for you tomorrow.

We make more than 16 Golf maintenance machine which are being supplied all over the country. In fact almost 99% Golf courses are using our machines.

At the outset Brig MS BAINS, AVSM who is a member of the Delhi Golf Club and had done yeoman service to the Army and had retired after a very successful tenure as the Commandant of the prestigious Army Base Workshop and took up the cudgels of making Indigenous Golf Maintenance machines as a challenge to the ones being imported. In face there was a stage when all the machines were being imported.

It was a huge challenge and having started with only two mechanics MJSB persisted in getting the manufacture of machine going in real earnest. Today after , more than 15 years , we have two small scale units located in Mayapuri, namely, M and M Constructions and the second one is Turfcraft Enterprises.


M & M Consultants Company got into the designing of Golf Course maintenance equipment in the year 1996. Brig (R) MJS Bains, AVSM retired from the service in the year 1993. He established M & M Consultants at C-153 Maya puri, Phase-II. He has played competitive Golf and held responsible positions in the Golf Courses both in Civil golf courses like Delhi Golf Club, Classic Golf Club, Gurgoan and Army Golf Courses at all stations of postings. At all these places, he found that the services golf courses suffer in maintenance due to lack of proper maintenance equipment.

To help the service Golf Courses, Brig (R) MJS Bains, AVSM decided to design and manufacture golf course equipment which would be ideally suited to the Indian climatic conditions. In the initial stages, lot of help came forward from Delhi Golf Club and Army Golf Course, Dhaula Khuan. Since Brig MJS Bains is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with abundance of work experience in the Army Workshops, wherein highly sophisticated equipment undergo strip and rebuilt under strict quality control; as such, the designing thought was difficult but not insurmountable.

The first machine was tested at Qutab Golf Course in 1996 and it was a great success. Subsequently, we established the production and since then M & M Consultants are into manufacturing of 16 types of machines specially designed for golf courses and maintenance of parks and lawns.