Brand Values

Our core brand values of innovative products to fulfill existing demand vacuums is the force that drives us to design and innovate ,simple and cost effective products to our customers.

“Exclusivity” is the key word ,as each machine has to stand out in an over-saturated and repetitive imported machinery.

The “ M and M “ brand is with precision , quality and clean workmanship which is kept intact through every process of our production lines no matter what kind of machine it maybe.

Reliability and sustainability are of utmost concern. Our machines are passed through stringent tests to ensure that The high standards set internally are met every time a machine rolls out of our production lines.


Not only Golf Courses

Not only the Golf Courses , we have supplied machinery to the BCCI cricket grounds all over India and reputed Schools for their play fields ,like the Jain International School , Bangalore, Doone School, Dehradun, ,like the Jain International School , Bangalore, Doone School, Dehradun, Mayo College,Kurukshetra University etc.

We are in the process of taking up a turn key job of doing up a Cricket ground completely with Indigenous machines for the BCCI.This would be a challenging and an interesting project. Apart from this we give advise and consultancy on Mowing, Aeration and top dressing the Golf courses etc on as required basis.

After Sales Service

We take pride in our "After Sales Service" programme.

We have various teams of mechanics who visit the customers from time to time and also 'on call'. When a machine is supplied, we ensure that our mechanics go and install the same and brief the operators regarding maintenance and adjustments. We also insist on carrying out a three day capsule for the customers operators at our factory at New Delhi, teach them, the adjustments in details and then make them carry out operation opt the machine on ground.

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Engineering Support

Elaborate Engineering Support

Commissioning of Machines : Commissioning of machines would be carried out at the site. During this period, on job training for Daily Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance would be imparted by our Senior Mechanic to the staff of the cricket ground.

Fast Moving Spares : List of fast moving spares would be provided along with the main equipment to ensure that at no time the machine is out of commission.

Preventive Maintenance : M&M Consultants aims at providing Preventive Maintenance and totally discourage Break down Repairs. Our company senior mechanic would regularly visit the site and carry out Preventive Maintenance and at the same time continue to train the operating staff. He will also bring feedback of the user to further improve the design of the machines, if so required. It is largely due to collating of feedback data of the users in the past that the machines have come to this level of operation.